The Most Fun Christmas Ever

There aren't a lot of hours in the day during the Christmas season so you will be happy to know that Roundabouts® has designed a holiday collection that will make entertaining your friends and family both quick and easy!

You just have to wrap your frosted cupcake, top it and go! But oh the fun you'll have - it'll be the hit of the party. Everyone will want to know how you do it.

Christmas Presents

Whether you create a tree cupcake or a stack of caramel presents or other fun topping, these holiday themed Roundabouts® will make your Christmas cupcakes a holiday treat.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0052-RED $8.99 /dozen

Santa Oops Chimney

Whether Santa’s comin’ or goin’, here’s a jolly way to put a new slant on the Holidays. Top with ‘The Man in the Red Suit’ or add your own twist –it’s winter fun for all.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0050-SNO $8.99 /dozen


Don't throw these snowballs - enjoy 'em! These snowflake sleeves provide a cute way to sweeten a fun occasion day and keep your friends in the spirit of the season.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0051 $8.99 /dozen

Fancy Flourish

An elegant display in red, yellow and green… what a way to create a scene. Choose from individual colors –or a mixture of all three - which is preselected.

Color Mix
Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0053-color $8.99 /dozen

Delicious Drums

For all the little drummers in your home. Drum in the holidays with these whimsical little Roundabouts®. They make a great holiday decoration - go great with our Nutcracker sleeves - and will make a lot of noise with your friends. Badump-bump.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0040-RED $8.99 /dozen


One of the easiest Roundabouts® to create, simply roll a frosted cupcake in colored sugar or sprinkles and wrap sleeve around the base. Instant holiday fun! Our Nutcracker cupcake wraps not only make your table festive, but they let you treat everyone to dessert that's surprisingly fun to eat.

Roundabouts® make decorating your holiday cupcakes an easy nut to crack!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0038 $8.99 /dozen




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