Black Cat

You’ll want to cross this cat’s path. He’s both adorable and slightly spooky. Sleeves come without bad luck… only rave reviews.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0077 $8.99 /dozen

Jack O' Lantern

Want a friendly face this Halloween? Try our Jack-o-Lantern sleeves – they’re simple, cute, and won’t cause a scare. Best yet? No carving needed.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0076 $8.99 /dozen

Witchy Woman

Good for a Halloween party or that ‘special’ co-worker, these sleeves will most certainly bring laughs.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0075 $8.99 /dozen

Halloween Frightfully Fun

How about Roundabouts® cupcake sleeves to create a little spooky magic for friends and family. It's so easy, it's scary. You'll love the results - and so will they!


Make a scene this Halloween with these creepy skull cupcake sleeves. Stack 'em in a pile of crumbled cookies and gummy worms for a look everyone will 'dig'.

You can also stack these cupcakes on a bigger sheetcake for a fun treat for a large party. Best of all, you'll be a Halloween hit without a lot of work. Ah, the magic of Roundabouts® sleeves.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0071 $8.99 /dozen




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