Each Roundabouts® package comes with 12 easy-to-use, self-adhesive sleeves in a wide range of whimsical and upscale designs for virtually every occasion including birthdays, weddings, graduations, and holidays

Personalized and custom Roundabouts® sleeves are available

Simple instructions are printed on a clever cupboard door hanger

Roundabouts® use durable archival-quality, acid-free stock.

Roundabouts® packaging is designed to minimize waste and is 100% recyclable.

We are thrilled to have received such a warm response to our fun cupcake sleeve designs. Here is a selected sampling of some of our recent press, from 'Everyday with Rachael Ray' to 'Pasadena Magazine', we're getting noticed and in a big way - and we owe it all to you!

Thanks for all your support in bringing us into homes across America!

We'll be updating this page with more press and product reviews which have been appearing across the United States - all talking about Roundabouts® and how easy it is to make your next celebration a special event using our innovative cupcake sleeves. Stay tuned!


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Rachael Ray calls Roundabouts one of her 'Everyday Faves for Fun'...

"Dessert is a piece of cake when I use Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves. Wrap a cupcake in decorative paper (my fave is the ice cream cone!) and frost the top to match."

'American Cake Decorating' invites you to Dress Up Your Cupcakes...

"Roundabouts cupcake sleeves provide standard cupcakes a new appeal."

'They transform the mini treat into nearly anything – from a gumball machine to depictions of famous presidents.'

'Pasadena Magazine' raves about how easy it is to make something amazing for dessert using Roundabouts...

"With help from Roundabouts – even those who can't tell a spatula from a pastry tip can create culinary works of art."

'Woman 2 Woman' says seeing is believing...

"One look...will convince even the most hardened skeptics.

Roundabouts transform cupcakes into virtually anything – from a gumball machine or bowling ball to a hamburger, order of fries or even a sushi roll."

'Busy Bee Lifestyle' says Look What I Found...

"...if you're not an expert baker or just short on time, Roundabouts Cupcake Sleeves are perfect !"



Moon Cherie Inc. launches revolutionary – and amazingly creative – new product Celebrate “In A Roundabout Way” with Roundabouts® decorative cupcake sleeves

BURBANK, Calif. When Sheri Mersola decided on a movie theme for her daughter’s 13th birthday celebration in 2007, the stay-at-home mom knew that she didn’t want to serve a standard cake for dessert. But what she didn’t know was that what she would serve in its place would ultimately inspire a product that would revolutionize the appearance – and presentation – of one of the culinary world’s most humble but luscious treats, the cupcake.

Cupcakes, Mersola realized, were just the culinary answer she was seeking. Cupcakes were every bit as festive as a cake…but she wouldn’t need to slice them to serve them. Nor would guests require a fork to enjoy them.

However, what Mersola, a former proofreader trained to pay close attention to details, did require was that the cupcakes match the movie theme. Her solution? She’d serve ‘popcorn’ cupcakes.

The cupcakes – topped with marshmallow ‘popcorn’ and wrapped in a paper sleeve that Mersola designed to replicate a movie theatre tub for popcorn – were an immediate hit with both guests and their parents. She overheard virtually every adult in the room asking, “Where did you buy these wrappers?”

Within a few weeks, Mersola had founded Moon Cherie, Inc. and was hard at work designing a line of cupcake sleeves, which she christened Roundabouts®.

“It’s so easy – you just wrap the cupcake, top it and go. I’ll never look at cupcakes the same,” explains Mersola, who has likened developing strikingly unique ideas for cupcakes to creating a work of art. “Cupcakes are like presents. They’re great to receive as they are. But they are much more fun to get when wrapped.”

One look at Moon Cherie’s website will convince even the most hardened skeptics. Roundabouts® currently available transform cupcakes into virtually anything – from a gumball machine or bowling ball to a hamburger, order of fries or even a sushi roll.

Sophisticates may especially appreciate Moon Cherie’s line of wedding and celebration Roundabouts®, such as a sleeve that transforms a cupcake into an ice bucket filled with champagne while patriots will thrill to Roundabouts’® sleeves that create cupcake-depictions of Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Personalized Roundabouts® for specific events can be ordered as well.

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With a song in our hearts, a prayer on our lips and a whole lot of frosting, we launched our company, Moon Cherie, Inc. and its revolutionary new product, Roundabouts® decorative cupcake sleeves, in 2007. We hope our creative designs will enhance and brighten your celebrations and events, and that we are able to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible. We are truly doing this because we love it. Thanks for visiting and finding out more about our creative company. A little about Moon Cherie's founder:

Sheri Mersola

Sheri Mersola worked 20 years at a geotechnical engineering firm as their Proofreader, and Operations Support Manager, supervising two offices. At the birth of her first child, she taught herself how to program databases, which provided the opportunity to work from home. After her second child was born, she quit working outside the home altogether, enrolled her kids in a private home study program, and devoted herself to teaching. She enjoyed traveling with her family “off-season” and the hands-on learning experiences that travel provided.

Today, with her eldest child now in traditional High School, Sheri is focused on life a little closer to home in Southern California. In addition to being a busy mom, Sheri enjoys balancing her business responsibilities with home life. From the development of new designs down to the customizing and marketing of her product, she loves the way Roundabouts® allows her to express her own creativity and have fun along the way.




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