Make Their Party A Real Blast

Kids love surprises, and adults love convenience.  Now you can have both.  Celebrate your next party with the help of  Roundabouts® - they’re sure to get everyone talking.  And it’s so easy!

Look through our kid-pleasing themes and select a design to serve.  Or, as part of the party fun, let the kids participate in making creations all their own!  These small gems will really make an impact on your guests - and show how much you care!

Best of all, it's a snap - just put the Roundabouts® on your cupcakes, top 'em off and have them ready in time for everything to get underway.

Throw the best kid's party ever...In a Roundabout Way!

Alien Spaceship

Have a spacecraft land at your next party. These extra-terrestrial sleeves really are outta this world!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0072-GRY $8.99 /dozen

Yellow Submarines

Whether you are having a cool pool party or a party where the water fun is all in the imagination, these cool submarine sleeves will have your kids diving into dessert.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0070-YEL $8.99 /dozen


Ahoy Matey!  Working on a pirate-themed party and want to add a little fun to the mix? Even the landlubbers of your group will love our Pirate Roundabouts®….combine them with our Treasure Chest design and you’ll definitely Create a Scene.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0081 $8.99 /dozen

Treasure Chest

Kids young and old will enjoy hunting for these treasures. Simply wrap the Roundabout sleeve around your cupcake and top with all manner of edible treasures. Sure to please pirates of all ages. Arghh!!!!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0080 $8.99 /dozen

Furry Friends

One face fits all – just grab your favorite cookies or candies and create away – growl, bark or roar, a cute creature is in store. Have kids build their own animals with these wild Roundabout® sleeves, frosted cupcakes and an assortment of fun food toppings.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0046-TAN $8.99 /dozen

Curious Kitty

Have a friend who love's their cats and enjoys a treat? We've got a Roundabout® for you - try our kitty sleeve and watch their eyes light up. Always fun for parties.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0078 $8.99 /dozen

Puzzle Play

Trying to put the pieces together on a fun party is easy with this fun Roundabout® sleeve. Great for a family night puzzle making party.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0020 $8.99 /dozen

Icy Igloos

Lookin’ for a cool dessert that is as much fun to look at as it is to eat? Try our Icy Igloo Roundabouts® - and chill out.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0055 $8.99 /dozen

Slam Dunk

Swooosh! These sleeves are sure to please. Wrap ‘em as they come. Can be used for other sports too - how fun!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0090-BLU $8.99 /dozen

Hit The Road

Let your imagination do the driving with this sleeve. Great for the little tyke who loves cars. You're cupcake stylings will take your party over the finish line in style.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0012 $8.99 /dozen


The Bunny is going to make a surprise appearance in your house this year thanks to Roundabouts® and your cupcakes. Instead of the usual cupcakes, why not give them a unique twist with some Roundabout® sleeves. The best part - this Bunny cupcake won't dig up your flower garden!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0047-CRM $8.99 /dozen

Popcorn Tub

Wow, that popcorn looks delicious - just wait until they find out that you haven't been popping, you've been topping - your cupcakes! Topped with caramel corn or marshmallows, you’ll have a real winner.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0002 $8.99 /dozen

Ice Cream Cone

Want 'cake and ice cream' at your next party? Try serving it together with our Ice Cream Cone sleeve. Wrap your cupcakes in our sleeves and top 'em your way. No one will be disappointed... we promise.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0006-VAN $8.99 /dozen

Clownin' Around

Wrap your cupcakes with our kid-pleasing clown face and you’ll soon find decorating your treats is as much fun as eating them! You can top 'em with a cotton candy wig or an ice cream cone hat.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0005 $8.99 /dozen

Bumper Car

Red, yellow,blue, green, and orange… an assortment of bright colors easily transform your cupcakes into bumper car fun. This one is a real hit with kids and adults!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0030-MUL $8.99 /dozen

Groovy Gumball

No one could imagine those colorful gumball machines decorating the party table are actually cupcakes - but wait until you see your guests' eyes light up when they find out. You'll be the hit of the block.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0003 $8.99 /dozen

Animal Printz

An exotic safari is a cupcake away with these fun animal prints sleeves. Whether the theme is island jungle, amazon adventure or off to the zoo, these bold prints will serve as fitting tribute to your party plans. Comes in a mix of all of the patterns shown!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0093-MUL $8.99 /dozen

Little Planes (personalized)

When the task of designing a fun party lands in your lap, these little cuties will help your ideas take flight. Try a runway sheet cake and a fleet of colorful personalized cupcake planes. Personalize them below.

(personalize above - 10 charact/line)
Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0079-MUL $13.99 /dozen

Fire Engine Fun

Where there's smoke... there's a roarin' fire engine on the way to deliver some excitement to your next party. These cute little fire trucks are the perfect treat and easy to make. You'll have your party decorating fires put out in no time.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0019 $8.99 /dozen

Darlin' Dogs

Can you 'spot' the perfect treat for your next party? It starts with our cute spotted pup. This fun critter is a lively addition to your next fireman themed party or for your favorite dog lover. It's doggone easy to make too with our Roundabouts®.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0048 $8.99 /dozen

Glam Girls

Invite a group of fun Glam Girls to your next big party and you can turn your child's party into a princess theme, a girl's day of fun, a fashion frenzy or even a 'wear a silly hat' party. Anything goes with these precious pretties and you can even make designing their frosted 'hairdo' a part of the party's fun!

You supply the tiara or fun hat & hairdo toppings and we supply the Glam Girls cupcake sleeves & some great ideas - a winning combination! These Roundabouts® Cupcake Cuties™ will get all the attention and you'll get all the credit. (choose below - default is A-Brenna... Multi-Pack includes a variety of each)

  • A - Brenna - # RA-0095-BRN
  • B - Carly - # RA-0097-CRL
  • C - Ruby - # RA-0096-RED
  • D - Jette - # RA-0098-BLK
  • E - Fawn - # RA-0094-BLN
  • M - Multi-Pack - # RA-9498-MUL
Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# see above $8.99 /dozen


Make your next Pirate party stand out with our skull cupcake sleeves. Along with our Pirate and Treasure Chest sleeves, your little skallywags will love 'em. Avast!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0071 $8.99 /dozen

Turn ordinary cupcakes into treasured desserts with our Roundabouts® Sleeves. Combine several, like our Pirate themed sleeves, and wow your guests without the work!




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