Being A Good Sport

Sure you can bring a plate of cupcakes to the next game. Big deal, right? OR you can bring a plate of Roundabouts®-styled cupcakes and really make a few points with the team!

Roundabouts® have that uncanny knack of making an ordinary event into an extraordinary affair, and with so little effort. Talk about a win-win proposition. Get some points on the board with Roundabouts® and see who takes the prize for most valuable player!

Tennis Anyone?

Create a RACKET and SERVE your crowd cupcakes wrapped in these NET sleeves. Okay, we’re getting corny on ya, but you’ll have the definite ADVANTAGE and your guests will LOVE you for them.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0091-GRN $8.99 /dozen

Trophy Awards (personalize)

For the real golf fan in your family, whip up a batch of these little wonders and watch their eyes light up. Increase the fun on or off the course with our Round of Golf cupcake sleeves. A fun way to play the 19th hole. 'World's Greatest GOLFER' is shown. Personalize below.

(personalize above - 22 charact/line max)
Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0057-BRN $13.99 /dozen

Strike It Sweet

Be the King Pin of your group, and wrap ‘em with our bowling themed sleeves. STRIKE!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0015 $8.99 /dozen

Slam Dunk

Swooosh! These sleeves are sure to please. Wrap ‘em as they come. Can be used for other sports too - how fun!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0090-BLU $8.99 /dozen

Batter Up!

Your party will be a real 'hit' with this baseball glove Roundabouts® sleeve. Personalize it for your team or favorite pinch hitter - and watch the crowd go wild. Click here if you want to personalize these sleeves with team name.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0089 $8.99 /dozen

It's easy to personalize these cupcakes sleeves. See above detail of baseball bat on the side of the sleeve where graphics which will have the personalization - just click here to be taken to the personalization option for this sleeve.

Great for teams and schools - or a sports themed party!


Miniature Golf

Drive everyone wild with these colorful little golf cart cupcake sleeves. Packaged in a mix of red and aqua, these fun carts look great served up on a little astro turf for a super 18th hole treat and can even be customized with a logo (contact us).

Easily top with cookies for seats, steering wheel and a roof and you're good to go!

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0086-MLT $8.99 /dozen


Take to the field of your next party with these cool Roundabout® football helmet sleeves. Customize 'em with your school team color and logo - perfect for your next pep rally, fundraiser, game watching party or sport birthday theme.

Contact us before ordering if you need to add a logo - logo shown is example only. Click here for details on customization.

(Red is the default color - colors are sold in units of 12, so if you require two colors, choose a dozen of your first color choice and then return and add a dozen of your second choice)






Lt Blue

Dk Blue

Lt Green

Dk Green






Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0025-color $8.99 /dozen




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Hockey Pucks

Oh sure, we could've called 'em Puck-Cakes, but who are we to be clever. Whatever you decide to call these great treats, you'll find our hockey cupcake wrappers are the quickest way to convert an ordinary cupcake into an ice arena full of coolness. If your 'goal' is more fun, you can even place a couple hockey sticks around to set the scene.

Simply bake your cupcakes low or remove the tops - frost and dip in black sugar or sprinkles. Folks have even hid ice cream in the bottom for a neat surprise. Our bakery-quality sleeves are built to handle it and your crowd will love it.

Pkg of 12 (1doz) Roundabout Sleeves
Item# RA-0042 $8.99 /dozen